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A successful technology

Hydroforming is a technology that uses hydraulic fluid taken to very high pressure as an essential tool in transforming sheet metal and tubes fitted to a specially designed die.  The thrust exercised by the fluid allows the metal to adhere to the sides of the die and so take on the required shape.

There are several hydroforming technologies.

In the case of sheet metal, Inoxveneta uses a particularly effective technique known as "water punching" where the final shape of the piece is determined by the matrix.

 Hydroforming of metal sheet

Hydroforming of metal sheet

Tubes are fitted into a specially shaped die and the high pressure fluid models the surface of the metal against the internal sides of the die to achieve the required shape.


Hydroforming of tubes
Hydroforming of tube

Hydroforming has various advantages over conventional technologies, such as:

  • Possibility to make complex metal parts, with special curves, even with unusual shapes; sometimes shapes that would be impossible, or too expensive, to make with conventional production processes.
  • Possibility to reduce the number of components in a product, resulting in economic savings and increased performance. Assembly operations are therefore greatly reduced and simplified.
  • Possibility to achieve better mechanical and technological performance from a product.
  • Overall savings arising from the lower cost of dies and auxiliary equipment.
  • More creative freedom for planners and designers, who can count not only on the realization of very intricate structural parts, but also on aesthetic accuracy of the surfaces produced, which are absolutely perfect.

Attentive to innovation, Inoxveneta offers a 360° engineering service highly specialized in this technology, which also includes the development and construction of dies and auxiliary equipment.

We dedicate care and attention to developing processes and products with the aid of our engineers, and carrying out project feasibility studies; as hydroforming is normally included in an articulated production cycle, it is essential to take into account the different jobs upstream and downstream of the process.

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