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Quality as a Management Tool

Beyond the concept of innovative technology, quality at Inoxveneta represents a fundamental aspect of our relationship with Customers. With regard to management we have made it our aim to apply the concepts of Total Quality in order to improve function and Customer Satisfaction, not simply as a label to add to our name.

For many years the company has adopted the concepts and methods of Continuous Improvement, Lean Production, and Customer Satisfaction.   We have introduced into our organization and applied the European model for excellence set up by EFQM - European Foundation for Quality Management - that has allowed us to pinpoint the management areas of the company in which to give priority to improvement.

We are perfectly aware that the conditions within which our Customers and the market they operate are constantly changing, and swift adaptation to these changes becomes increasingly important. Only within an efficient and dynamic management system is it possible to follow these variations accurately.

In-house production adopts an advanced approach to Quality Control: the initial passage is carried out on the production process by the operators themselves according to precise sampling patterns.   Where possible, we have rendered this control automatic with the use of laser scanners to measure each component produced.
 The scan results are compared with the drawing of the component in order to check that the real dimensions are within previously defined tolerances.

Our metrological room is equipped with a wide range of measuring and control instruments (e.g. colorimeter, glossmeter, profilometer, surface plates, surface gauges, etc.).
We also use a spectrometer to check the chemical composition of materials, especially stainless steel.
Suppliers receive all specifications for supplies, which are analysed to ensure they comply.  If this is not the case, corrective actions are taken immediately and the material supplied undergoes rigorous analysis.


All the results obtained from Quality Control (percentage of faulty pieces and company performance indexes) are periodically analysed in Management Analysis meetings attended by the staff supervising company processes.

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