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What do we do? Customer Service is what counts!

In a nutshell, as our ISO 9001 certificate testifies, our field of activity is:
Manufacture of components and assemblies made of stainless steel and other metals according to Customer's specification. 

This - we may say - is the "hardware" part of our work. But just as in electronics hardware is nothing without software, in our work metal components would be nothing without Customer Service. Or perhaps it's so easy that in the end it becomes banal.
Customer Service can mean a combination of many things: "absolute reliability over time of the customer-supplier relationship, total product quality assurance, increasingly close delivery dates and more and more rapid response times, quick provision of quotes, and prompt management of technical modifications"... All real but not yet complete!
For us Customer Service also means: "assistance in developing products and research into the most economical industrialization solutions". Extremely important, fundamental, strategic; but it's still not enough! "Ability to effectively and efficiently follow through the evolution of technologies and production processes so as to offer Customers the best". This is also certainly fundamental. 

"Financial solidity that can guarantee long-term relationships without surprises".   Inoxveneta keeps financial debts to a minimum, it does not speculate on derivates, or court dangerous excessive exposure.  Is this not also service?   Even though - unfortunately - it is too often neglected in assessing suppliers. How can the Customer be assured of a happy stable supply relationship if it isn't backed by a solid financial structure; if there isn't careful management in situations where Customers entrust essential strategic parts of their supply chain to a supplier. 

In the face of current difficulties and the credit crunch, today more than ever SERVICE can be summarized as  "giving as much as we possibly can to make our Customers highly competitive on the markets where they operate".
We are well aware that we can continue to work and pursue company development only if our Customers are highly competitive and we can do our part by providing excellence in what we supply.
In effect this is in our DNA, in our company's history: to maintain long-term relationships with our Customers, follow their evolution and growth step by step, assisting them and continually meeting their needs. 

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